Giesswein House Shoes and Slippers

Giesswein is not only a global brand renowned for quality - it is also a family name. Three generations of the Giesswein family have guided the company during itís 55-year history.

The tyrol region of Austria is considered by many to be the most beautiful corner of the Alps. Our product, quality, and success is very much a reflection of the region in which we live and work. Surrounded by pristine lakes and rivers, sparkling glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and pastoral valleys, nature has been our inspiration since day one. Our tradition of hard work, reliable quality, and respect for nature is the backbone of our success over the years.

Featured Styles:

20923-p1 Giesswein Acadia Bordeaux (Women's)
Item #: 20923
20922-p1 Giesswein Acadia Sand (Women's)
Item #: 20922
20921-p1 Giesswein Acadia Slate (Unisex)
Item #: 20921
19450-p1 Giesswein Alm Lilac (Women's)
Item #: 19450
$87.95 $64.00
19453-p1 Giesswein Ammern Avocado (Women's)
Item #: 19453
$87.95 $69.00
19452-p1 Giesswein Ammern Beere Berry (Women's)
Item #: 19452
Giesswein Ammern Beere Berry (Women's)
Average rating:
18058-p1.jpg Giesswein Ammern Black (Unisex)
Item #: 18058
18057-p1.jpg Giesswein Ammern Natural (Unisex)
Item #: 18057
18056-p1.jpg Giesswein Ammern Ocean (Unisex)
Item #: 18056
18054-p1 Giesswein Amy Hummingbird Natural (Women's)
Item #: 18054
$103.95 $75.00
Giesswein Amy Hummingbird Natural (Women's)
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18049-p1 Giesswein Angela Natural (Women's)
Item #: 18049
18053-p1.jpg Giesswein Angelika Dogs Schiefer Grey (Women's)
Item #: 18053
$103.95 $75.00
Giesswein Angelika Dogs Schiefer Grey (Women's)
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20925-p1 Giesswein Bethel Lamm (Women's)
Item #: 20925
19449-p1 Giesswein Gretchen Jeans (Women's)
Item #: 19449
Giesswein Gretchen Jeans (Women's)
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19448-p1 Giesswein Gretchen Natural (Women's)
Item #: 19448
$91.95 $69.00
Giesswein Gretchen Natural (Women's)
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15297-p1.jpg Giesswein Innsbruck Lodge Moc Charcoal (Unisex)
Item #: 15297
Giesswein Innsbruck Lodge Moc Charcoal (Unisex)
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19456-p1 Giesswein Laura Fox Pebble (Women's)
Item #: 19456
Giesswein Laura Fox Pebble (Women's)
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19454-p1 Giesswein Lily Frog Natural (Women's)
Item #: 19454
$103.95 $75.00
19457-p1 Giesswein Mado Owl Ocean (Women's)
Item #: 19457
Giesswein Mado Owl Ocean (Women's)
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20924-p1 Giesswein Molly Slate (Women's)
Item #: 20924
16792-p1.jpg Giesswein Steeg Ocean (Unisex)
Item #: 16792
$119.95 $89.00
16793-p1.jpg Giesswein Steeg Schiefer Grey (Unisex)
Item #: 16793
$119.95 $89.00
15286-p1.jpg Giesswein Vent Lodge Shoe Henna (Unisex)
Item #: 15286
$133.95 $99.00
Giesswein Vent Lodge Shoe Henna (Unisex)
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18059-p1.jpg Giesswein Vent Lodge Shoe Hibiscus (Women's)
Item #: 18059
Giesswein Vent Lodge Shoe Hibiscus (Women's)
Average rating:
16798-p1.jpg Giesswein Vent Lodge Shoe Schiefer Grey (Unisex)
Item #: 16798
Giesswein Vent Lodge Shoe Schiefer Grey (Unisex)
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