Cobb Hill

Cobb Hill by New Balance strives to perfectly blend comfort and style. The combination of proven classics with contemporary inspirations represent the company perfectly. Cobb Hill believes that success depends on a mix of fresh new thinking and time-proven experience. Refreshing, huh?

Featured Styles:
29105-p1 Cobb Hill Bailee Slip-On Honey CI7080 (Women's)
Item #: 29105
$109.95 $69.00
Average rating:
average rating 80%
18566-p1.jpg Cobb Hill by Rockport Aubrey Black CBD12BK (Women's)
Item #: 18566
Average rating:
average rating 100%
28564-p1 Cobb Hill Laci Fisherman Tan CI5673 (Women's)
Item #: 28564
$94.95 $77.00
28562-p1 Cobb Hill Laurel Slip-On Black CI1740 (Women's)
Item #: 28562
Average rating:
average rating 60%
29431-p1 Cobb Hill May Slide Dove CI8189 (Women's)
Item #: 29431
$109.95 $74.00
29433-p1 Cobb Hill Rubey Woven Black CI7777 (Women's)
Item #: 29433
$99.95 $64.00
29432-p1 Cobb Hill Rubey Woven Tan CI7778 (Women's)
Item #: 29432
$99.95 $64.00