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OOFOS are designed for active recovery & built to help yOO feel better, faster. Their revolutionary impact-absorbing technology is not just a breakthrough in the science of soft, it's changing the game of active recovery.

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Oofos Shoes

The Story of Oofos Recovery Shoes

In Braintree, Massachusetts, the four founders of Oofos decided that the shoe world needed better recovery shoes. After two years of construction and work on the perfect tech, Oofos was founded in 2011 as the original active recovery footwear brand.
-All OOFOS are made from OOFOAM technology, a foam that absorbs 37% more impact than EVA foam found in traditional athletic shoes.
-All OOFOS have a patented footbed with a high arch designed to support the foot and relieve stress on the rest of the body.
-The combination of our OOFOAM technology and patented footbed produces a shoe that reduces demand on the body, making it easier to walk around.

What are Oofos Shoes?

Oofos is a recovery shoe brand engineered to reduce weight & stress on your joints to help your whole body relax and rejuvenate. Thanks to their foam technology, Oofos absorbs 37% more impact on your foot, helping recovery without the slowdown.

Are Oofos Shoes Good for Walking?

Yes. Oofos shoes can be good for casual walking. They are made to help reduce stress on your joints and provide shock absorption with every step. They make slide sandals and other types of shoes that could be used as Oofos walking shoes.

What Kind of Shoes Does Oofos Shoes Make?

Oofos shoes makes a variety of different styles. They are known for their recovery slides, but they also make Oofos tennis shoes, Oofos walking shoes & Oofos nursing shoes. Although styles may not specifically be labeled as Oofos tennis shoes, Oofos walking shoes or Oofos nursing shoes, they are great for any of these activities.

How to Pronounce Oofos Shoes

Oofos is pronounced with two short “oo” sounds like in “book”. It’s not like “UFOs” or “oo-foss”.

Who Makes Oofos Shoes?

Oofos shoes are made by OOFOS LLC which was founded by a group of footwear industry veterans who specifically aimed to create a footwear line focused on recovery & comfort.

Where are Oofos Recovery Shoes Made?

Oofos shoes are made in Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan & Indonesia depending on the style and production ability.

The Technology Behind Oofos

OOFOAMTM is the Oofos trademark foam footbed that is not only comfortable underfoot, but also the primary source of Oofos signature absorption abilities. This footbed enhances mobility and reduces load rates on your feet of up to 88%. Thus, creating a great shoe for your feet.

Can you Wash Oofos Shoes?

Oofos are very easy to care for, simply place them in the washing machine on a cold cycle with mild detergent or wash them in the sink with a brush and mild soap. Once cleaned, leave them out to air dry. NEVER place your Oofos in the dryer.

How long do Oofos last?

As with all shoes, the true lasting capabilities of Oofos depends on how often they are worn. Oofos don’t lose form as quickly as regular EVA shoes thanks to their construction. Oofos work “with” hard surfaces to allow for more shock absorption, instead of against like regular shoes, which reduces the wear normally seen on the outsole. It is recommended to let the tread be your guide.

Are Oofos waterproof?

Thanks to the Oofoam construction, Oofos do not hold in any moisture or bacteria. This not only makes them waterproof, and able to float, it also minimizes regular foot odor.

Are Oofos good for plantar fasciitis and other foot related issues?

Oofos takes foot recovery very seriously and are known to help not just with sports related recovery, but with everyday foot problems as well.


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