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Enjoy every step-in Clarks. Built with style and comfort to deliver great quality and value, every pair of Clarks brand footwear has technology built right in. From the elegant craftsmanship of our Artisan Collection to the supreme comfort of Unstructured and quirky originality of Clarks Originals, we never compromise on style in our quest to deliver superior quality and value.

Featured Styles
28921-p1 Clarks Adella Moon Flat Taupe (Women's)
Item #: 28921
$66.95 $44.00
28919-p1 Clarks Adella Stroll Sneaker Black (Women's)
Item #: 28919
$66.95 $44.00
21608-p1 Clarks Arla Glison Sandals Black (Women's)
Item #: 21608
$49.95 $39.00
29493-p1 Clarks Arla Glison Sandals Blue (Women's)
Item #: 29493
$49.95 $39.00
30557-p1 Clarks ATL Trek Sandal Sun Brown Combi (Men's)
Item #: 30557
$109.95 $74.00
28914-p1 Clarks Breeze Ave Sneaker White (Women's)
Item #: 28914
$49.95 $39.00
29760-p1 Clarks Breeze Bali Slip-On Black (Women's)
Item #: 29760
$56.95 $46.00
31902-p1 Clarks Breeze Emily Flat Black (Women's)
Item #: 31902
$49.95 $39.00
31903-p1 Clarks Breeze Emily Flat Blue (Women's)
Item #: 31903
$49.95 $39.00
30566-p1 Clarks Breeze Piper Sandals Navy (Women's)
Item #: 30566
$41.95 $34.00
30564-p1 Clarks Breeze Piper Sandals Pewter (Women's)
Item #: 30564
$41.95 $34.00
29490-p1 Clarks Breeze Sandals Sea Aqua (Women's)
Item #: 29490
$41.95 $34.00
22695-p1 Clarks Breeze Sea H Sandals Black (Women's)
Item #: 22695
$38.95 $34.00
21355-p1 Clarks Breeze Sea Sandals Black (Women's)
Item #: 21355
$41.95 $34.00
21356-p1 Clarks Breeze Sea Sandals Navy (Women's)
Item #: 21356
$41.95 $34.00
29491-p1 Clarks Breeze Sea Sandals Taupe (Women's)
Item #: 29491
$41.95 $34.00
30567-p1 Clarks Breeze Sea Sandals White (Women's)
Item #: 30567
$41.95 $34.00
28915-p1 Clarks Breeze Shore Slip-On Black (Women's)
Item #: 28915
$49.95 $39.00
28910-p1 Clarks Breeze Step Slip-On Black (Women's)
Item #: 28910
$49.95 $39.00
28911-p1 Clarks Breeze Step Slip-On Yellow (Women's)
Item #: 28911
$49.95 $39.00
31303-p1 Clarks Circuit Path Slip-On Black (Women's)
Item #: 31303
$71.95 $49.00
31304-p1 Clarks Circuit Path Slip-On Navy (Women's)
Item #: 31304
$71.95 $49.00
29005-p1 Clarks Court Lite Wally Slip-On Black (Men's)
Item #: 29005
$104.95 $62.00
29006-p1 Clarks Court Lite Wally Slip-On Cognac (Men's)
Item #: 29006
$104.95 $62.00
19050-p1 Clarks Desert Boot Beeswax Leather (Women's)
Item #: 19050
Average rating:
average rating 100%
27896-p1 Clarks Driftway Top Boot Dark Tan (Men's)
Item #: 27896
$99.95 $78.00
30562-p1 Clarks Elleri Rae Wedge Black (Women's)
Item #: 30562
$119.95 $89.00
30563-p1 Clarks Elleri Rae Wedge Nougat (Women's)
Item #: 30563
$119.95 $89.00
27828-p1 Clarks Ezera Walk Slip-On Black (Women's)
Item #: 27828
$66.95 $49.00
27306-p1 Clarks Forge Run Slip-On Olive Canvas (Men's)
Item #: 27306
$74.95 $59.00
27305-p1 Clarks Forge Run Slip-On Tan Leather (Men's)
Item #: 27305
$84.95 $59.00
28932-p1 Clarks Gereld Step Slip-On Navy (Men's)
Item #: 28932
$75.95 $49.00
30485-p1 Clarks Kitly Walk Sandals Black (Women's)
Item #: 30485
$109.95 $69.00
30486-p1 Clarks Kitly Walk Sandals Tan (Women's)
Item #: 30486
$109.95 $69.00
30487-p1 Clarks Kitly Walk Sandals White (Women's)
Item #: 30487
$109.95 $69.00
30488-p1 Clarks Kitly Way Sandals Black (Women's)
Item #: 30488
$109.95 $69.00
30489-p1 Clarks Kitly Way Sandals Grenadine (Women's)
Item #: 30489
$109.95 $69.00
30490-p1 Clarks Kitly Way Sandals White (Women's)
Item #: 30490
$109.95 $69.00
29758-p1 Clarks Magnolia Faye Slip-On Black (Women's)
Item #: 29758
$119.95 $88.00
31869-p1 Clarks Mayhill Cove Slip-On Cream (Women's)
Item #: 31869
$109.95 $87.00
31900-p1 Clarks Mira Bay Sandal Black (Women's)
Item #: 31900
$56.95 $46.00
31901-p1 Clarks Mira Bay Sandal Stone (Women's)
Item #: 31901
$56.95 $46.00
28063-p1 Clarks Morris Peak Chukka Boot Black (Men's)
Item #: 28063
$119.95 $74.00
29007-p1 Clarks Nature X One Sneaker Dark Olive (Men's)
Item #: 29007
$129.95 $79.00
31307-p1 Clarks Neva Zip WP Heeled Bootie Black (Women's)
Item #: 31307
$149.95 $109.00
Average rating:
average rating 100%
31308-p1 Clarks Neva Zip WP Heeled Bootie Taupe (Women's)
Item #: 31308
$149.95 $109.00
30472-p1 Clarks Rena Hop Flats Black (Women's)
Item #: 30472
$99.95 $78.00
30473-p1 Clarks Rena Hop Flats Metallic (Women's)
Item #: 30473
$99.95 $78.00
31216-p1 Clarks Rena Way Flat Black (Women's)
Item #: 31216
$99.95 $69.00
31217-p1 Clarks Rena Way Flat Chestnut (Women's)
Item #: 31217
$99.95 $69.00
30475-p1 Clarks Sarafyna Iris Loafer Nougat (Women's)
Item #: 30475
$109.95 $74.00
24198-p1 Clarks Un Coral Step Flat Rose Gold (Women's)
Item #: 24198
$109.95 $62.00
24125-p1 Clarks Un Maui Step Sneaker Pebble (Women's)
Item #: 24125
$114.95 $79.00
18373-p1.jpg Clarks Wallabee Boot Maple Suede (Men's)
Item #: 18373
Average rating:
average rating 100%
31215-p1 Clarks Wave PlateauAP Slip-On Navy (Women's)
Item #: 31215
$139.95 $108.00
29008-p1 Clarks Wesley Bay Sandals Brown (Men's)
Item #: 29008
$67.95 $49.00
30558-p1 Clarks Yacht Beach Sandals Black (Women's)
Item #: 30558
$99.95 $68.00
30561-p1 Clarks Yacht Coral Sandals Tan (Women's)
Item #: 30561
$99.95 $68.00

Clarks Shoes

Where are Clarks Shoes Made?

Clarks used to be manufactured in the UK, but had to readjust thanks to their global success. As of 2006, with a brief retry in 2018 that didn’t pan out, Clarks stopped making shoes in their hometown in England and opted for manufacturing factories around the globe. Some locations include Vietnam, India and China.

Where are Clarks Shoes From?

Clarks was founded in 1825 by brothers James and Cyrus Clark in Somerset, England. The two started off creating sheep skin rugs, and it wasn’t until 1828 when James decided to use the offcuts from the rugs to start making slippers.  Throughout the next almost 300 years, Clarks has innovated, created, grown, and became a household shoe brand throughout the world. As of today, Clarks operates in over 75 countries and maintains its global headquarters in Street, Somerset, England.

Are Clarks Good Shoes?

Clarks shoes are well known for having comfortable and quality footwear from over 200 years of experience. Thanks to their use of quality materials and craftsmanship, Clarks are praised for their support and fit. Most Clarks shoes are also constructed with extra cushioned and arch supporting insoles ensuring a comfortable experience for every foot. As with any brand, individual preferences vary so we always recommend trying a pair out for yourself.

Are Clarks Shoes Orthopedic?

Clark orthopedic shoes are difficult to narrow down because most Clarks’ shoes are considered orthopedic friendly. Their shoes are designed for 100% comfortability thanks to their soft and supporting insoles, shoe flexibility and how many styles will follow the natural curve of the foot to ensure optimal comfort at all times. Clarks’ footwear also has extra cushioning on the heel of the sole, which is not common for most footwears but ideal for maintaining proper foot alignment and pain reducing.

Clarks Slip-On Shoes

Clarks offers a wide range of slip-on styles designed for comfort and support, perfect for any busy day. Whether you need a durable outdoor work shoe the Wave PlateauAP, a more professional and comfortable loafer like the Sarafyna Freva, or an everyday option such as the Mapstone Step that you can easily slip on and off as needed. Clarks ensures convenience, quality and comfort that is ready to go just as soon as you are.

Clarks Dress Shoes

Clarks provides footwear in multiple types of styles, for various different occasions. This includes different types of well crafted, stylish, and comfortable dress shoes for those more formal get togethers. The Sarafyna Freva and the Cora Braid are stylish and comfortable Clarks women’s dress shoes, whereas the Mapstone Lace and Atticus LT Lace Oxford are great among  the men’s styles. Weather you need a slip-on, loafer, or an oxford, all Clarks dress shoes prioritize comfort without compromising on that high class style.

Clarks Mary-Jane Shoes

For women looking for a shoe that combines comfort and style, and is versatile enough for both functionality and a classic look, the Mary-Jane style is the ideal type of shoe. Clarks offers a diverse selection of Mary-Jane footwear that feature cushioned insoles, quality materials, and are designed to provide that all day comfort while maintaining that sleek and time-honored style perfect for any occasion.

Clarks Desert Shoes

Designed for desert use, and made popular by Clarks in the 1950s, the Clarks desert boots are just as popular today as they were way back when. They are made for both men and women respectively and are just as durable and if not more comfortable that when Clarks first started to design them. This iconic style can be worn for both casual and more formal settings thanks to its time-honored look that continues to age beautifully.

Clarks Tennis Shoes

Clarks manufactures a wide range of footwear that started from a pair of slippers, that now includes everyday sneakers. Clarks sneakers of course have the signature Clarks comfortability, and are perfectly crafted for those days when you need to walk long distances. From the Mapstone Lace sneaker for men, to the Mayhill Walk sneaker for women, Clarks sneakers are durable, stable, and comfortable without sacrificing any stylistic needs. 


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