Haflinger GZL42 Grizzly Wool Clog Leather Trim Smokey Brown(Unisex)
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Haflinger GZL42 Grizzly Wool Clog Leather Trim Smokey Brown(Unisex)

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Make time for relaxation in the Haflinger GZL Leather trimmed Grizzly. The uppers are made of soft, boiled woolfelt which contribute to temperature control and moisture wicking. The collar is lined in a timeless leather trim. The insole is also made of boiled wool, providing a soft and dry foot environment. The midsole is anatomically correct, made of a combination of cork and latex, giving you excellent arch support and a heel cup for shock absorption without sacrificing flexibility. The durable rubber outsole will provide traction whether you're on a nature walk or just doing chores around the house. Whether you're ready to grab a book for a little cozy quiet time or need to be on your feet all day, the Haflinger GZL Classic Grizzly with leather trim will be your go-to shoes for the job!

• Defined arch support
• Boiled wool upper
• Contoured heel seat
• Cork molded midsole
• Leather trim accent
• Rubber outsole

*The color shown in this video may no longer be available.
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Love these 07/03/2020
By sharon aumani
I've been a fan of these shoes since my first pair, 20 years ago. Great for my bad feet & hammer toes! The boiled wool & cork sole make all the difference. Your feet break in the shoe; not the other way around! They are comfortable even without socks. I love that I can just slip them on and go.

My only c/o is with trying to purchase a first time on line [without having seen them for real, up close]. This picture is truer to the actual shoe color. The picture I initially saw of them made the color appear closer to a caramel brown rather than a taupe. It's fine. I like them....just not what I expected.

They don't hold up so great being worn outdoors in our rainy climate, over time, even with treating the cork. However, it's worth it, to me, to budget in a new pair every so often to make these my main shoe [except for long walks, where sneakers might be better].

I have purchased enough of these over the years and made new customers for Haflinger....I should get a discount, LOL.
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DODDS IS WONDERFUL!!! 09/18/2018
By Micheal Edwards
This is my 4th pair of Hafflinger slippers and they are superb. However, I feel compelled to put in a good word for Dodds as well.
This time I decided to try a less expensive pair of Hafflinger slippers and although they were comfortable and fit well, they left ugly black streaks on my wood flooring. So, I called Dodds and they immediately emailed me a prepaid UPS return label and I then ordered from Dodds the Hafflinger model slippers I have always ordered in the past. My credit card account was credited for the full amount of the first pair within a few days.
So, yes, my new Hafflinger slippers are great. But Dodds customer service and their satisfaction policy are so good that Dodds must simply be described as peerless. I will continue to purchase all my footwear from Dodds.
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my old favorites! 12/19/2018
By Laura B
I just purchased these from Dodds - after trying a few of the big companies that carry what seems to be the same shoe, but made in random places, and not sized correctly, nor is the footbed supportive. I was so excited when I received these - the tag inside says "Germany", and the box says Made in Poland - but whatever - the old quality is there! I'm going to try this place again!

I have worn Haflingers regularly for about 10 years. Really like the arch support, and the regular fit. They are the first thing I put on in the morning. i transition to other shoes during the day, but end with these in the evening - so comfortable.
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Haflinger Wool Clogs 07/07/2018
I now have 3 pair of this style clog in different colors. Aside from my athletic shoes, these are the only shoes I wear. They fit like comfortable orthotics, molded perfectly to my feet. Perfect arch support and the heel cup keeps my feet and ankles aligned nicely. The boiled wool (inner sole is also wool) keeps my feet comfortable in all temperatures. I wear light to medium weight cotton socks as a personal preference. Couldn't be happier with this shoe and Dodds Shoe Co..
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Great product, fast shipping 07/08/2021
By Nom
I've been wearing clogs from Harlinger as my "slipper" or inside shoe for years. They give my feet the support and shock absorbing they need, while still offering a slipper-like level of comfort and slip-on ease. I can also wear them outside, if I need to step out briefly. Very structured, and true to size at first, but they will stretch over time.
The Haflinger philosophy is simple and logical—a healthy foot needs the proper environment and a properly designed walking surface to stay healthy. Haflinger clogs and boiled wool slippers pay particular attention to the needs of your foot—space to expand and contract freely and effectively; breathable, all-natural materials; a footbed and spacious toe box that follow the natural form of the foot; and an impact surface that compliments and fortifies human foot design. Look for the Haflinger classic grizzly clog, the favorite Haflilnger classic hardsole slipper of many loyal customers.