Haflinger GZL45 Grizzly Wool Clog Leather Trim Black (Unisex)
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Haflinger GZL45 Grizzly Wool Clog Leather Trim Black (Unisex)

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average rating 94%
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Make time for relaxation in the Haflinger GZL Leather trimmed Grizzly. The uppers are made of soft, boiled woolfelt which contribute to temperature control and moisture wicking. The collar is lined in a timeless leather trim. The insole is also made of boiled wool, providing a soft and dry foot environment. The midsole is anatomically correct, made of a combination of cork and latex, giving you excellent arch support and a heel cup for shock absorption without sacrificing flexibility. The durable rubber outsole will provide traction whether you're on a nature walk or just doing chores around the house. Whether you're ready to grab a book for a little cozy quiet time or need to be on your feet all day, the Haflinger GZL Classic Grizzly with leather trim will be your go-to shoes for the job!

• Defined arch support
• Boiled wool upper
• Contoured heel seat
• Cork molded midsole
• Leather trim accent
• Rubber outsole

*The color shown in this video may no longer be available.
Average rating:
average rating 94%
37 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

average rating 100%
Comfortable and warm 11/09/2017
By Vicki Evans
I have been wearing these shoes for several years. This is my cold weather shoe. I have wide feet, but these do not give me any trouble. They fit and conform to your foot in no time. I love these shoes and would be lost if I could not get them any more. This is the first time I have gotten the shoes with the leather trim, but I think I will like them as much as the diamond trim. My only problem with the shoes is they start to separate from the sole toward the outer toe after time. I think it is more my fault then the shoe as I get them wet and wear them in the snow too. Great shoe.
average rating 100%
Love 'em! 04/18/2016
By Michael Hofschulte
This is my 3rd pair of Haflinger Grizleys. I just love them. Friends have told me "all" Germans wear them and people who know clothes in Alaska prefer them too, so I had to try them long ago. I wasn't disappointed. Their raised cork bed and rubber sole lets you comfortably walk outdoors or even to the store. On day 1 they molded to my foot shape. A bit warm in summer and eventually a toe will break out of the boiled wool with age but I can't do without them.
average rating 100%
2nd pair great house slipper 12/26/2020
By Suzie que
My husband has plantar fasciitis. He purchased these slippers about 4 years ago. Like any product they eventually wore out. He requested a new pair for Christmas. Loves them.

They may feel slightly tight the first few times they are worn. However, once they are used a few times the material gives and creates a comfortable, arch supporting, fit.

Very nice slipper for those that have foot pain.highly recommend.
average rating 100%
Great slipper, great shoe company 08/31/2017
By Thomas Kelley
I discovered Haflinger slippers several years ago, referred to them by my podiatrist after a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis
This time I went on-line and found the Dodds Shoe Co., site, from which I ordered a new pair. The size did not fit so I did an exchange on line. The new ones arrived and the Dodds Shoe Co. promptly credited my account.
Great slippers. Great shoe company, Dodds Shoe Co.
Thank you
average rating 80%
almost perfect 12/07/2018
These wool clogs are mostly wonderful - warm, very good quality, great color, good arch support- my only issue is that I wish they were not so wide. I have two older pairs of the grizzly clog (with the diamond trim) that are not quite as wide as this style. With this style, I have to wear a medium-thick sock. Also want to mention that I am very happy with ordering from Dodds Shoe Co.

Featured negative reviews:

average rating 20%
Disappointed 01/31/2018
By Cynthia Barrientos
I've worn Haflingers for many years. When my new psi arrived it was far from the same comfortable shoe. The top did not completely cover my foot in the same way. The inside of the shoe had peculiar bumps , not where the arch is. The sole was completely different. The usual size 42 was loose and floppy. Very disappointed in how this product is currently manufactured.
The Haflinger philosophy is simple and logical—a healthy foot needs the proper environment and a properly designed walking surface to stay healthy. Haflinger clogs and boiled wool slippers pay particular attention to the needs of your foot—space to expand and contract freely and effectively; breathable, all-natural materials; a footbed and spacious toe box that follow the natural form of the foot; and an impact surface that compliments and fortifies human foot design. Look for the Haflinger classic grizzly clog, the favorite Haflilnger classic hardsole slipper of many loyal customers.