Women's Kamik

From The North, For The World.

Kamik creates footwear that brings the brands' Northern origins to life. Strong. Dependable. And resilient. Kamik has been at it since 1898, day in and day out and they have the results to show it. The company's line of outdoor footwear keeps you safe, dry, and comfortable year round from summer rainstorms to winter blizzards. So no matter the conditions, you can always journey on.

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Featured Styles:

18210-p1.jpg Kamik Canuck Black NK2012-BLK (Women's)
Item #: 18210
Kamik Canuck Black NK2012-BLK (Women's)
Average rating:
22304-p1 Kamik Evelyn 4 Tall Black WK2158-BLK (Women's)
Item #: 22304
$109.95 $74.00
22398-p1 Kamik Momentum Khaki NK2350-KHA (Women's)
Item #: 22398
$89.95 $59.00
65181-p1 Kamik Rival Charcoal NK2298-CHA (Women's)
Item #: 65181
$96.95 $69.00
25466-p1 Kamik Rogue Mid Grey WK2407-MGY (Women's)
Item #: 25466
Kamik Rogue Mid Grey WK2407-MGY (Women's)
Average rating:
23902-p1 Kamik Rogue9 Cognac WK2400-CGN (Women's)
Item #: 23902
Kamik Rogue9 Cognac WK2400-CGN (Women's)
Average rating:
19466-p1 Kamik Snowvalley Black WK2079-BLK (Women's)
Item #: 19466
$119.95 $77.00
65180-p1 Kamik Sofia Walnut NK2075-BRN (Women's)
Item #: 65180
$119.95 $90.00
22396-p1 Kamik Sugarloaf Red NK2074 (Women's)
Item #: 22396
$89.95 $59.00
Kamik Sugarloaf Red NK2074 (Women's)
Average rating:
65179-p1 Kamik Valetta Walnut NK2086-BRN (Women's)
Item #: 65179
$129.95 $97.00
23908-p1 Kamik Vulpex Charcoal NK2181-CHA (Women's)
Item #: 23908
$129.95 $87.00
23909-p1 Kamik Vulpexlo Black NK2182-BLK (Women's)
Item #: 23909
$109.95 $74.00
24015-p1 Kamik Vulpexlo White NK2182-WHT (Women's)
Item #: 24015
$109.95 $74.00

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