UGG Australia ®

Once you slide your feet into our cozy shoes, you won't ever want to step out of them. Whether you prefer slippers, clogs, boots, or shoes, Ugg Australia has the footwear for you. Take a look at Ugg Australia's latest collection. We guarantee you'll love the feel of sheepskin against your feet!

Dodds Shoe Co. is an authorized UGG Australia® dealer. IMPORTANT CONSUMER WARNING - BEWARE OF FAKE UGG AUSTRALIA PRODUCTS ON-LINE. Many counterfeits are sold at or near full price.

Featured Styles
22228-p1 UGG Amie Black 1013428-BLK (Women's)
Item #: 22228
20703-p1 UGG Amie Spice 1013428-SPC (Women's)
Item #: 20703
$194.95 $129.00
12863-p1.jpg UGG Ascot Chestnut 5775-CHE (Men's)
Item #: 12863
20099-p1 UGG Fierce Island Floral Tropical Black 1010655-TLBC (Women's)
Item #: 20099
$89.95 $68.00
UGG Fierce Island Floral Tropical Black 1010655-TLBC (Women's)
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20696-p1 UGG Joely Black 1012528-BLK (Women's)
Item #: 20696
$199.95 $138.00
20097-p1 UGG Shaye Skyline 1012350-SYL (Women's)
Item #: 20097
$79.95 $64.00
14209-p1.jpg UGG Sheepskin Care Kit
Item #: 14209
UGG Sheepskin Care Kit
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21159-p1 UGG Tamara Black 1014872-BLK (Women's)
Item #: 21159
$84.95 $67.00
22216-p1 UGG Tamara Garnet 1019249-GAR (Women's)
Item #: 22216
$84.95 $67.00
22218-p1 UGG Tamara Highland Green 101924-HDGR (Women's)
Item #: 22218
$84.95 $67.00
UGG Tamara Highland Green 101924-HDGR (Women's)
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5337-p1.jpg UGG Tasman Chestnut (Men's)
Item #: 5337