It's not what you do in these sandals, it's how they measure up in an activity that earns Chaco the "Performance" title. From slot canyons to alpine hikes, Chaco performs under all conditions.

Featured Styles
56032-p1.jpg Chaco Belyn Baa Vibram Nurl Chocolate Brown J150000 (Women's)
SKU: 56032
Was: $214.95 Now: $164.00
The Belyn Baa boots from Chaco are great...
58317-p1.jpg Chaco Brody Beluga J103239 (Men's)
SKU: 58317
Was: $96.95 Now: $70.00
Outdoor minded style meets the renowned ...
59678-p1.jpg Chaco Chari Cycloid Scale J103462 (Women's)
SKU: 59678
Price: $89.95
Chaconianís: watch-out for new tan lines...
56034-p1.jpg Chaco Credence Wool Waterproof Vibram Nurl Chocolate J150045 (Men's)
SKU: 56034
Was: $214.95 Now: $164.00
Pair the Credence Wool WP boots from Cha...
59675-p1.jpg Chaco Elleton White J103724 (Women's)
SKU: 59675
Was: $79.95 Now: $49.00
Kick in it casual style with the Elleton...
59677-p1.jpg Chaco Fathom Rail J103769 (Men's)
SKU: 59677
Price: $59.95
The Fathom will blow your mind! With our...
61723-p1.jpg Chaco Outcross Lace Gunmetal J104349 (Men's)
SKU: 61723
Price: $119.95
The amphibious, trail-ready OutCross Lac...
61847-p1.jpg Chaco Royal Knitted J104552 (Women's)
SKU: 61847
Price: $89.95
Our ultra-light Royal offers minimalist ...
61722-p1.jpg Chaco Sleet Collision J104576 (Women's)
SKU: 61722
Price: $74.95
Product Details: Backless and fabulous,...
52214-p1.jpg Chaco Sway Multi Brown J101132 (Women's)
SKU: 52214
Price: $69.99
Parallel bands of colorful webbing and l...
53124-p1.jpg Chaco Toe Coop Shitake / Multi Brown J101584 (Women's)
SKU: 53124
Was: $106.99 Now: $70.00
Get the feel of a sandal with added toe ...
58315-p1.jpg Chaco Uma Chocolate Brown J150102 (Women's)
SKU: 58315
Price: $131.95
Outdoor minded style meets the renowned ...
57376-p1.jpg Chaco Updraft Bulloo Awnesty J102616 (Women's)
SKU: 57376
Price: $109.95
Designed for instant adventure with no b...
58318-p1.jpg Chaco Vade Zip Brown J103047 (Men's)
SKU: 58318
Was: $111.95 Now: $85.00
Breathe easy this spring in our new Vade...
59673-p1.jpg Chaco Vand Black J13520 (Women's)
SKU: 59673
Price: $64.95
Colorful and comfortable, the Vand featu...
58316-p1.jpg Chaco Velleda Beluga J103152 (Women's)
SKU: 58316
Was: $96.95 Now: $70.00
Outdoor minded style meets the renowned ...
57098-p1.jpg Chaco Z/1 Unaweep Blue J102973 (Men's)
SKU: 57098
Price: $99.95
Open toe design allows for use with sock...
54889-p1.jpg Chaco Z/1 Unaweep Nutmeg J101616 (Women's)
SKU: 54889
Was: $99.95 Now: $71.00
Open toe design allows for use with sock...
57099-p1.jpg Chaco Z/2 Unaweep Jalapeno J102983 (Men's)
SKU: 57099
Price: $99.95
Adjustable toe loop adds an extra measur...
61720-p1.jpg Chaco Z1 Ecotread Leopard J180200 (Youth)
SKU: 61720
Price: $54.95
Product Details: Machine washable and d...
61719-p1.jpg Chaco Z1 Ecotread Stakes J180193 (Youth)
SKU: 61719
Price: $54.95
Product Details: Machine washable and d...
61499-p1.jpg Chaco Z1 Unaweep Iron J104279 (Men's)
SKU: 61499
Price: $99.95
A deep lug grip, contoured LUVSEAT footb...
59792-p1.jpg Chaco Z1 Unaweep Shoal J103815 (Men's)
SKU: 59792
Price: $99.95
A deep lug grip, contoured LUVSEAT footb...
61500-p1.jpg Chaco Z2 Unaweep Dash J104283 (Men's)
SKU: 61500
Price: $99.95
With a focus on forefoot control, the Z/...
61724-p1.jpg Chaco Z2 Unaweep Midnight J104291 (Men's)
SKU: 61724
Price: $99.95
Product Details: With a focus on forefo...
59791-p1.jpg Chaco Z2 Yampa Metal J102999 (Men's)
SKU: 59791
Price: $99.95
Adjust this bad boy around your big toe ...
61497-p1.jpg Chaco Z2 Yampa Mountain Range J10438 (Women's)
SKU: 61497
Price: $99.95
Adjust this bad boy around your big toe ...
56033-p1.jpg Chaco Zaagh Baa Vibram Nurl Sienna J102518 (Women's)
SKU: 56033
Was: $124.95 Now: $89.00
Run your errands in the warm Zaagh Baa c...
61496-p1.jpg Chaco ZI Yampa Waves J104722 (Women's)
SKU: 61496
Price: $99.95
Lighter-weight and slip resistant, the Z...
61930-p1.jpg Chaco ZX2 Yampa Pixel Weave J103432 (Women's)
SKU: 61930
Price: $99.95
This double-strap fit is ready for serio...
59789-p1.jpg Chaco ZX1 Unaweep Dark Fade J102780 (Women's)
SKU: 59789
Price: $99.95
A double strapped version of our classic...
61721-p1.jpg Chaco ZX2 Yampa Leaf Piles J104386 (Women's)
SKU: 61721
Price: $99.95
Product Details: This double-strap fit ...