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Women's On Running

On was born in the Swiss alps with one goal: to revolutionize the sensation of running. Itís all based on one radical idea. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. Or, as we call it, running on clouds.

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Where is ON from? ON Running was originally engineered in the Swiss Alps. Today ON maintains its headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland with branch locations located all over the world.

Where are ON Running shoes made? ON contracts out construction of their shoes to multiple different partners. Most of their shoes are manufactured in Vietnam, but a complete list of ON partners can be found on their Transparency and Responsibility page.

What kind of feet are ON shoes best for? Thanks to ON Running’s CloudTec® each shoe will adapt to the individual wearing it no matter the foot shape or type (flat feet, fallen arches, hollow feet etc.).

Can orthopedic insoles be used with ON shoes? Yes! Every pair of ON shoes comes with a removable insole so if you have insoles that work better for you, you can use them. It is recommended that you go up half a size or get a shoe with a wider base depending on the orthopedic.

How long do ON shoes usually last? On average, ON shoes will last as long as any other shoes at about 300 miles. However, longevity does depend on the use of the shoe and the materials. Some ON shoes are built to withstand high-performance racing, which would not have the same durability as an all-day shoe.

Are ON shoes only for running? While ON shoes were designed with running in mind, their technology and perforce are perfect for all-day comfort. They can be used for walking, running, mixed workouts, and an everyday shoe.

How do I care for my ON shoes? It is recommended that you deep clean your ON shoes as little as possible to keep the materials sturdy. For daily use, it is best to brush the dust and dirt off them as needed with a soft brush. For a deeper clean, use warm water and wash by hand after removing the laces and insoles.

What is the best way to lace up ON Running shoes? There are many different lacing options for many different styles and reasons. For more ways to lace your shoe check out How to Lace Your Running Shoes.

ON Running Technology:
CloudTec®: This is the unique look of the outsoles of each ON Running shoe. CloudTec® is an exclusive cushioning system that creates soft landings and powerful take offs by absorbing impact, reducing strain, and adapting to any running style.
Missiongrip™: This is ON’s traction technology. It was designed in the Swiss Alps with enhanced traction patterns and a specially selected grip-rubber compound to help maintain control on off-road adventures.
Speedboard®: This is a layer built into ON Running shoes that helps to harness the kinetic energy created during any run, and converts it into momentum to propel the next step forward. It is built to bend and flew with the runner to push forward faster.
Helion™: ON engineered “superfoam” is constructed by combining rigid, stable sections with more flexible foam elements. Thus creating a new foam to construct each ON outsole with.



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