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In 1978 HUE was launched when two New York City artists dyed Chinese slippers in fabulous colors and the fashion world went wild! From there, fashion-forward legwear was a natural evolution. Today, HUE designs and markets the most fashionable legwear, leggings and sleepwear around the world! HUE has been the freshest, most innovative and colorful! force in fashion legwear for more than three decades. From always up-to-date leggings to fashion sheers and socks, HUE brings a light-hearted approach to fashion that makes it easy to effortlessly express personal style.

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20401-p1 Hue Jeans Sock Light Denim Heather U6487-495 (Women's)
Item #: 20401
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25555-p1 Hue Sport Crew Sock Espresso HM18415-00212-01 (Men's)
Item #: 25555
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