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Gilden Tree’s line includes deeply healing foot, hand & body care products, each the best they can possibly create. When it began in 1990, Gilden Tree made a commitment to do things the right way, for the environment and for the people who make, sell and buy our products. Gilden Tree's commitment to the environment remains as strong as ever, as shown in the 2005 shift to using many Certified Organic ingredients. The company continues to use minimal packaging and to recycle and reuse as much as possible.

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10573-p1 Gilden Tree Foot Cream
Item #: 10573
Gilden Tree Foot Cream
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10574 Gilden Tree Hand & Body Lotion
Item #: 10574
10576.jpg Gilden Tree Terracotta Foot Scrubber
Item #: 10576
Gilden Tree Terracotta Foot Scrubber
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