Avex Accessories

What we've done.

Our pursuit of great bottle design has made us an industry leader, and created some industry firsts along the way. AVEX products offer exclusive, patented and patent-pending features—AUTOSEAL, AUTOSPOUT, 3SIXTY POUR™ and DROPDOWN—that allow easy one–handed use, prevent spills and leaks, and make cleaning easier than any bottle you’ve ever used. Our double-wall Capacitor Stainless™ vessels are vacuum sealed, removing all air from between the walls. No air means no temperature transfer, which keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours on end. We are constantly testing, evaluating, researching, and reformulating to add features and functions that our customers haven’t even realized they need yet. Our goal in design is to create bottles you will use every day, and whose equal you will never find elsewhere.
66288-p1 Avex 3Sixty Pour 700ML Blue 72170
Item #: 66288
$29.95 $22.00
66293-p1 Avex FreeFlow 1000ML Ocean 72834
Item #: 66293
$16.95 $12.00
66294-p1 Avex FreeFlow 1000ML Olive 72642
Item #: 66294
$16.95 $12.00
66290-p1 Avex FreeFlow 750ML Burnt Orange 72633
Item #: 66290
$15.95 $12.00
66291-p1 Avex FreeFlow 750ML Charcoal 72640
Item #: 66291
$15.95 $12.00
66292-p1 Avex FreeFlow 750ML Electric Green 72639
Item #: 66292
$15.95 $12.00
66285-p1 Avex ReCharge 500ML Red 72161
Item #: 66285
$27.95 $20.00