Vasque founder William D. Sweasy traveled to Europe in 1965 and found our future. Outdoor recreation and mountaineering were sweeping the continent, and Sweasy knew it was a matter of time until the craze found its way stateside. He began preparing his high quality mountaineering and hiking boots so he’d be ready when the time came. After a brief run under the brand name “Voyaguer,” Sweasy changed the name to Vasque in 1971 (for Fort Vasquez in the mountain mecca of Colorado). And no, the rest is not history. The Vasque trail continues today, breaking new ground toward what’s next. That’s what happens when you keep your eyes firmly focused on the trail ahead.

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3099-p1.jpg Vasque Sundowner Burgundy 7141 (Women's)
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Vasque Sundowner Burgundy 7141 (Women's)
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When lugging your $500 fly rod and reel ...
3098-p1.jpg Vasque Sundowner Burgundy 7142 (Men's)
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Vasque Sundowner Burgundy 7142 (Men's)
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When lugging your $500 fly rod and reel ...