Women's Earth

The new Earth® line is the latest in a growing portfolio of wellness-predicated shoe collections from Earth Brands, each one grounded in the ideals of promoting a healthy lifestyle. The essence behind the new Earth® brand dates back more than 40 years when a young Danish yoga instructor observed that wellness – in its most organic form – should be part of everyday living, and then worked to develop a shoe to promote that.

Stepping into wellness is no more complicated then stepping into any one of Earth's new leading-edge fashions. Earth's contemporary styling is complemented by a comfort footbed with multi-density latex cushioning, reinforced arch support and an over-padded heel that helps effectively absorb and displace shock.

Featured Styles

18391-p1.jpg Earth Citrus Light Coral Full Grain 600990W-832 (Women's)
Item #: 18391
$99.95 $52.00
Earth Citrus Light Coral Full Grain 600990W-832 (Women's)
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15550-p1.jpg Earth Periwinkle Almond Full Grain (Women's)
Item #: 15550
$103.95 $57.00
20004-p1 Earth Quince Black 601386W-001 (Women's)
Item #: 20004
$99.95 $59.00
20181-p1 Earth Sandy Black 601458W-001 (Women's)
Item #: 20181
$84.95 $47.00
20182-p1 Earth Sandy White Multi 601458W-967 (Women's)
Item #: 20182
$84.95 $47.00
20910-p1 Earth Royal Wine 601633W-540 (Women's)
Item #: 20910
$139.95 $79.00
22028-p1 Earth Garnet Almond 602029W-230 (Women's)
Item #: 22028
$118.95 $72.00
Earth Garnet Almond 602029W-230 (Women's)
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22029-p1 Earth Garnet Wine 602029W-540 (Women's)
Item #: 22029
$118.95 $72.00
Earth Garnet Wine 602029W-540 (Women's)
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22750-p1 Earth Shelly Orange 601812W-830 (Women's)
Item #: 22750
$89.95 $59.00
22748-p1 Earth Shelly Taupe 601812W-286 (Women's)
Item #: 22748
$89.95 $59.00
23755-p1 Earth Noble Bark 602344W-201 (Women's)
Item #: 23755
$104.95 $69.00
23756-p1 Earth Corinth Black 602517W-001 (Women's)
Item #: 23756
$128.95 $99.00
24251-p1 Earth Camellia Nauset Black 602946W (Women's)
Item #: 24251
$75.95 $49.00
24250-p1 Earth Camellia Nauset Amber 602946W (Women's)
Item #: 24250
$75.95 $49.00
24243-p1 Earth Kara Hopper Bark 602851W (Women's)
Item #: 24243
$99.95 $79.00