Men's SoftScience

The SoftScience goal is simple — to provide you with supreme comfort. SoftScience combines the benefits of a "level" foot bed, generous fit (to accommodate wider feet), and the unique cushioning and stability properties of Trileon™. The result? Uncompromising comfort in a range of attractive styles.
SoftScience is committed to delivering a unique and pleasing footwear experience that is consistent across all collections and styles. Fit consistency and predictability are key ingredients to achieving the SoftScience™ comfort experience at work and play.

Featured Styles:

17665-p1.jpg SoftScience Drift Canvas Black (Unisex)
Item #: 17665
$59.95 $47.00
17664-p1.jpg SoftScience Drift Canvas Khaki (Men's)
Item #: 17664
$59.95 $48.00
17666-p1.jpg SoftScience Drift Weave Black (Men's)
Item #: 17666
$59.95 $48.00
17667-p1.jpg SoftScience Drift Weave Khaki (Men's)
Item #: 17667
$59.95 $48.00