Kids Keen

Put on your Keens and go someplace unexpected. From the trailhead to the waterfront, down the boulevard and on Market Street. In the real world, there's no formula for where you go and how you get there. So pick the place, choose the adventure, put on your Keens and go.

Featured Styles

69408-p1 Keen Moxie Green / Aqua 1018098 (Kids)
Item #: 69408
$49.95 $39.00
69409-p1 Keen Moxie Purple 1018365 (Infant)
Item #: 69409
65601-p1 Keen Newport H2 Black / Red 1014238 (Kids)
Item #: 65601
$49.95 $39.00
69406-p1 Keen Newport H2 Grey Glow 1018254 (Infant)
Item #: 69406
$44.95 $35.00