Haflinger Olivia Brick Red 313052-85 (Women's)
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Haflinger Olivia Brick Red 313052-85 (Women's)

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This slipper from Haflinger is a cute and "wise" take on a playful slipper. These slippers make it easy to snuggle up with a good book on a crisp fall day. This cozy slipper features a boiled wool upper that’s naturally lightweight, soft, sturdy, and machine washable. A wool double-felt sole adds cushioning and traction, while the latex arch support keeps you comfortable.
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Comfy, Cozy... 02/10/2019
By Maria
This is my third pair of Haflinger slippers. I love them. They are cozy and comfy. Being a natural fiber, the wool breaths and so my feet do not overheat. And...they are washable! I do recommend that you keep your toenails clipped. If not, they can dig holes into the wool. Also, the wool stretches out. So, as long as your foot fits in the foot bed, don't worry if they're a bit snug at first..
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Mule type house slipper 04/14/2020
By Linda Morgan
I've worn the Halfinger house shoes for years. Love the slide back and the warm comfortable toe area. Went a bit more daring with the red color selection but am happy with the overall look. When I need another pair this will continue to be my choice.

This my second order from Dodd's shoe. They are so prompt in sending the order. I would recommend company to anyone.
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Love Haflinger Slippers 02/18/2022
By LisaC
I have worn Haflingers for 20 years; these are the same great quality as my previous slippers. The only thing to note is if your slippers have appliques, they are sewn with clear nylon thread that scratches and pokes the top of your foot. I think I'll skip the "cuteness" and go for the plain ones next time. Dodd shipped them quickly! I am happy.
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Best WFH shoes! 02/08/2021
By suzeshoes
Other slippers are just too flat on the bottom. These may be worn all day with fabulous arch support. My second pair. Just wish they created a few pairs with some more grownup appliqués: how about a cup of tea, or a glass of champagne, or better yet.....nothing. Just a plain pair of slippers...that's all.:)
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Cute and cozy! 11/29/2022
By Lucinda Saroya
These slippers are very cute and comfy-cozy. They mold themselves around your feet for a perfect fit. They can't be washed, which is a bit of a drawback, but they can be spot cleaned with a brush or sponge. Don't wear them outside in the rain!
The Haflinger philosophy is simple and logical—a healthy foot needs the proper environment and a properly designed walking surface to stay healthy. Haflinger clogs and boiled wool slippers pay particular attention to the needs of your foot—space to expand and contract freely and effectively; breathable, all-natural materials; a footbed and spacious toe box that follow the natural form of the foot; and an impact surface that compliments and fortifies human foot design. Look for the Haflinger classic grizzly clog, the favorite Haflilnger classic hardsole slipper of many loyal customers.