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The history of Twins '47 can be traced back to the busy streets around Fenway.

This is a classic story. It's the American dream come to life. Twin brothers Arthur and Henry D'Angelo, arrived in Boston from Italy at the age of 12. They found their way as street hustlers selling newspapers, flowers, and mama's pasta sauce (well, maybe not the last one). In their work, they discovered Fenway Park and witnessed first-hand the "passion" of Boston fans. Seeing an opportunity the boys cut Red Sox pennants out of felt. The pennants were wildly successful and Sox fans demanded more. (You can't just feed the beast once.) In response, the boys opened up a souvenir store across from Fenway. Souvenirs became the business and business was good. Soon the twins took to selling souvenirs to other baseball teams.

While the name has changed and the company has grown, the foundation remains unchanged.

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