Cat Footwear challenges the landscape without apology. Catís lineage encompasses more than 100 years of steadfast performance and reliability. Cat Footwear is your defense between your feet and the pounding of daily life. Their shoes and boots define uncompromising strength and durability. Cat Footwear upholds the same promise that fuels the earth-moving, city-building machines that give the brand its name: to outfit hard-working, adventurous people with equipment that never quits. The spirit of progress drives Cat Footwear: design and craftsmanship built around a legacy of success and innovation, adapted to the needs of today and the demands of tomorrow. Their boots and shoes offer authenticity and rugged style Ė on the job site and far beyond.

Featured Styles
7015-p1.jpg Caterpillar CAT 9'' Steel Toe Logger Boots Black 88033 (Men's)
SKU: 7015
Was: $120.99 Now: $96.00
Let's talk about something very importan...
7016-p1.jpg Caterpillar CAT Colt Steel Toe EH Work Boot 89021 (Men's)
SKU: 7016
Was: $124.95 Now: $99.00
Caterpillar 89021 Men's Brown Leather Co...
13109-p1.jpg Caterpillar CAT Manifold Waterproof Tough Oak Steel Toe P89981 (Men's)
SKU: 13109
Was: $129.95 Now: $104.00
Feel as strong as you look in the Caterp...
9258-p1.jpg Caterpillar CAT Resonate 8 inch Steel Toe EH Work Boots 89824 (Men's)
SKU: 9258
Was: $116.99 Now: $94.00
Boots as tough as you are. These Caterpi...
7580-p1.jpg Caterpillar CAT Salvo 8'' Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe 89785 (Mens)
SKU: 7580
Was: $132.95 Now: $106.00
  • 400 Gram Thermolite In...
7419-p1.jpg Caterpillar CAT Second Shift 6'' Steel Toe Honey 89162 (Men's)
SKU: 7419
Was: $81.99 Now: $65.00
Comfortable enough for a second shift. H...