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Taking in the view of Rio at the top of Sugarloaf Mountainwith my handy Keen Montclair Mini Bag. No, that wasn’t our helicopter…they were probably filming an episode of “The Bachelor.”

I was recently fortunate enough to spend a week exploring Brazil, and I believe I’ve found the perfect travel buddy. Sure, my boyfriend was a nice companion, but it was KEEN that really helped me out. I tried to pack light, but two things on my must-have list were my Keen Montclair Mini Bag and my Keen Venice H2 sandals. From every airport to walking along Copacabana Beach, my mini bag was draped across my shoulder. In the airport, I loved the secure zippered pocket underneath the hook-and-loop flap where I could be sure my passport and multiple plane tickets were safe and secure.  I didn’t bring my phone along on the trip, but the phone pocket in the back was perfect for chapstick and mini sunscreen on-the-go. It was just the right size for my camera and even a small water bottle, and I could wear it as a crossbody bag for more security—many other tourists told us about getting pickpocketed or having their purses snatched on the streets of Rio, and that was one problem I never had the entire time!

After spending time in Rio, we jetted to the border of Brazil and Argentina to the breathtaking beauty of Iguazu Falls, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Here, my Keen Venice sandals were a must-have. The falls sprawl over one and a half miles, crossing the borders of both countries. We explored the falls on the Argentina side first, walking about

My Keen sandals chillin’ at the base of Iguazu Falls in Brazil.

half a mile on the a metal walkway to the Devil’s Throat, an up close and personal top view of the highest and deepest of the falls. Needless to say, with the water spray things could get pretty wet and slick, so I was very glad to have my Keens with the razor siping outsole to reduce the risk of falling over the side! It was a loooong way down. The razor siping and security of the sandals came in handy once again on the Brazilian side of the falls, where we hiked down a canyon to a walkway at the base of the falls. It was here where the COMPLETE soaking began.

Getting a little soaked at the base of Iguazu Falls in Brazil. So refreshing!

We were staying inside the park, so were able to hike down when the park was closed to outside tourists. Being at the base of the massive falls and feeling the spray shooting at me from seemingly every direction is a humbling experience, making me feel insignificant and strangely powerful at the same time.

I would recommend adding both Rio and Iguazu Falls to your travel bucket list, and would DEFINITELY recommend bringing a little KEEN along with you. You can find a huge selection of travel ready shoes and accessories at our website,

Another amazing view of Rio, with a faint view of the “Cristo Redenor” in the background…and of course, including my must-have carry all, the Keen Montclair mini bag.

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