Sneaker Wedges:
The Ultimate “Cool-Girl Kicks”

sneaker-wedge-hilightIt’s a wedge! It’s a sneaker! It’s the ultimate casual shoe, the sneaker-wedge! Thanks to this new trend, your fashionista instincts can follow you from casual Friday to weekend hang-outs. Hi-top sneakers have always had a cool retro vibe, but they’ve also been a bit of a sacrifice since you lose those leg-lengthening inches that come from wearing heels. Let’s face it, being boosted up on a pair of heels is basically the equivalent to instantly losing 5 pounds. Especially for those of us who weren’t blessed in the height department, forgoing our heels can be tough. Luckily, now you can have them both!





Miranda Kerr and Beyonce showing off their stylish mommy style and Dakota Fanning with a youthful take, all in trendy high-top sneaker wedges.

Celebs have eaten up this trend. Miranda Kerr and Beyonce both throw on a pair for some street-chic mommy style, while Dakota Fanning shows how youthful and versatile the shoes can be. Beyonce’s Isabel Marant pair can run upwards of $800…if that’s a little bit out of your price range, the Steve Madden Hilight ($95.95) and the Madden Girl  Hickorry ($54.95) are budget friendly (but just as fashionable!) alternatives.


The Madden Girl Hickorry and the Steve Madden Hilight are more budget friendly ways to rock this cool trend.

sneaker-wedge-skirtsThose celebs paired their wedges with skinny pants and loose uppers which is great for fall. Another way to wear them is with a flirty a-line dress (like I did back in the warmer months) or a cute mini. I wore my Steve Madden Olympiaa sneaker wedges for a look that had a bit of a girly-punk vibe.



If your style is a bit more sporty/tomboy-chic, the Puma Sky Wedge might be just what you’re looking for. Puma describes the reason before this style as their “duty to engineer a high-collared heel with all the comfort and kick-a**-tastic looks to make smooth moves.” They did just that, and added extra-bold colors and the signature Puma form stripe down the side for a look that is about as street-chic as you can get.


We love the way Puma advertised their Sky Wedge sneakers…”Carefully designed to combat tall people who stand at the front.” So true!

If you’re still not convinced, maybe you’ll take the advice from fashion police queen Joan Rivers, who called them what all the “cool girls” were wearing. During a recent episode of “Fashion Police,” this trend was discussed on the segment “Gotta Have It/Make It Stop.” Joan, Guiliana, and Kelly all said “Gotta Have It,” and George only said no because he thought they would become TOO popular. But if worn right and with confidence, we here at say sneaker wedges are the ULTIMATE cool-girl kicks, and we’ve GOTTA HAVE THEM!

Unforgettable Prom, Unforgettable Shoes

Prom is one of the most magical and exciting events of a young person’s life. Finding the perfect dress can be tough but after finding an awesome dress comes an even more daunting task–finding the right accessories. The right accessories can add style to your dress…not distract from it.

For a classic and pulled together look, add a nude colored pump to your sparkly dress. Pictured: Steve Madden Unityy and Sofft Madeline.


Many of the hot prom dresses are adorned with subtle sparkle.  Whether you have a full shimmery dress or maybe just a rhinestone belt, you can play up the shine in a couple ways.  Opting for a neutral shoe such as the Steve Madden Unityy or the Sofft Madeline brings the focus back to your dress. By picking a classic, neutral pump, you can be sure you will get use out of these shoes even after the magic of prom is over.

You can also play up the shine in a dress by pairing it with a shoe that has a little sparkle of its own.  By choosing a metallic shoe, you will shine even brighter. The Sofft Filia has a light sparkle and features a multi sized jewels. Pair it with a gold sparkle dress and a chunky necklace with a similar detail and you’ll be glam to the max.

Add shoes with bling of their own to pull together an eye-catching ensemble. Pictured: Sofft Filia, Sofft Paharita, Madden Girl Getta.

Spice up your LBD for prom with colorful accessories like the Steve Madden BVistaa Bag or Remmedy pumps.



Pops of color are another great prom trend. If you’ve chosen a more basic dress, you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the crowd. Add style with colorful accessories. For example, if you’ve smartly chosen a versatile little black dress, add a pop of color with a bag or shoes…or both! A glam prom accessory is the Steve Madden BVistaa clutch in bright orange or pink. This is one awesome accessory, as it can hold plenty of lip gloss, bobby pins, and other prom touch up necessities. Pair this with a colorful platform pump, like the Steve Madden Remmedy in Violet, and your LBD will look anything but basic.


If your priority for the night is feeling comfortable and being able to shake it on the dance floor while still looking cute, pick a pair of TOMS to complete your prom look. They are stylish yet comfortable which will ensure that you can dance ALL night. They will give you the ability to dance all night long without making you feel like a baby giraffe.

Toms at Prom…so cute!

Perhaps the most unique prom trend is one that is a little…edgy.  Unleash your inner rock goddess and opt for accessories that make a statement.  Studs are so in! You can be the most fashion forward belle at the ball with the Grannite by Steve Madden.  These shoes are smoking hot with a combo of studs and bling.  Paired with a short dress and one of the BVistaa bags and you’ve got it going on! Studs aren’t your thing? Feeling more…wild? Try the Sofft Broadway in metallic snake print. Animal print has never looked classier and you’ll look fierce.

Add some edge to your prom look with studded shoes like the Steve Madden Graanite or shiny animal print like the Sofft Broadway in gold snake print.

Everyone has their own unique style that can shine through to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind prom look. Let help you find the best accessories to make your prom–or any special occasion–unforgettable.

Travel Essentials: Spring Break

It is starting to feel like spring is here and let me be the first to say that I’ve had cabin fever all winter. I decided to ditch the colder weather and head to Las Vegas to enjoy a spring break. As I began to buy my warm weather wardrobe, I found myself wondering if I could actually fit everything I wanted to bring in my suitcase. I am a severe over-packer (although, what woman isn’t?). I tried to pack light, but eventually had to narrow it down to the essentials.

The first thing I decided I couldn’t live without was my Dakine travel bag. Dakine makes amazingly useful bags that feature the cutest prints. First of all, I love their travel kits. I opted for my Dakine Prima because it was small enough to fit in the suitcase but still allowed me to pack and organize all my toiletries, and let’s face it, Vegas is the one place where I will probably want to use ALL my makeup. I love the removable clear compartment which is TSA-approved, making traveling so much easier…no little plastic baggies everywhere! I easily fit my make-up, shower items, and hair products in this bag. I chose this style but Dakine has many other functional and cute styles such as the Diva and the Alina.

Fitting all my Vegas essentials in the Dakine Prima was easy!

When I got to Vegas, I was shocked to find out how much walking I actually did. I realized that my Sanuk flip flops were life savers. It can be hard to find a flip flop that is comfortable to wear all day but these were amazing. The Sanuk Yoga Mat was my shoe of choice. It is unbelievably squishy and is made with actual yoga mat material. It was the perfect fit for warm weather and lots of walking.

The Sanuk Yoga Mat flip flops are made out of actual yoga mat material. Sooo comfy!

I opted for a small cross body bag in lieu of my huge purse, and I was definitely glad I did.  Not only was it easier on my shoulders, but it seemed as though I had stumbled upon a huge vacation fashion trend. Almost everyone in Vegas seemed to have one! I love that there are so many styles to choose from. I tend to love something a little more fashion forward such as the Minnetonka Fringe Bag  or the Steve Madden BJosie. If you want to go more casual pick the Sherpani Piper or the Dakine Jive. Any of these bags will keep your things close and safe and add an element of style to your outfit.

With spring here and summer fast approaching, I plan on traveling quite a bit. I may be headed up to the mountains to enjoy a some spring skiing, or maybe I’ll head to the beach to have some fun in the sun. If you plan on traveling as well, you can’t go wrong with these travel must-haves! We have what you need to make your vacation planning smooth sailing right here at


Compress, Support, and Flatter: Keys to Finding the Best Sports Bra

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies.

Fit is the new sexy. With swimsuit season just around the corner, we all seem to be finding our way to the gym to tone up our “beach bod”.  I know I have been stocking up on the latest (and cutest) work out gear. What is the most essential item in my workout wardrobe? A well-fitting sports bra.

Sports bras are essential for two reasons: to provide needed support, and to flatter our figure. It doesn’t matter what shape you are, going without a proper fitting sports bra can be painful and quite embarrassing.  A Live Science article shares some scary facts about what happens when you workout without the proper support…just one tidbit; women’s breasts move about EIGHT inches during exercise…ouch!

photo by David Lawrence

Contrary to popular belief, women of every size need a sports bra. Women with smaller cup sizes still need support. When shopping for bras, pay attention to key terms such as low, medium, and high impact. This will let you know the types activities the bra is most appropriate for.

Finding the right bra for your body can be challenging so we’ve done the hard work for you. Check out these recommended bras in your size. Don’t let the lack of a proper bra keep you from a great workout!


For smaller cup sizes, compression bras tend to work best. These bras compress the chest to reduce up and down movement. Just because the best bras for this size compress, it doesn’t mean they will make you feel flat as a board. Some of our favorites for this size include the Handful Adjustable Bra which allows you to “flatter and not flatten” during your workout. You may also like the Versatile Bra by Brooks. It provides support and compression from one of the best running brands on the market.  A-B Cup ladies can choose to find a bra that fits based on cup size or using the traditional small, medium, large sizing scales.

The Handful Adjustable Bra features adjustable straps and removable pads, and the Brooks Versatile Bra has the right amount of breathability, compression, and encapsulation…both ideal for A-B cup sizes.


The Moving Comfort Divine Mesh has 3 layers of breathable and moisture wicking mesh, as well as hidden seam underwires for separation and support.


Ladies, if you wear this size you need support and not just compression. This is referred to as encapsulation which describes a bra that has full coverage. Look for cup sizing and not just small-large sizing. I love the Moving Comfort Divine Mesh because of its molded cups and underwire for increased support. It fits a variety of cups sizes, but works especially well for the C Cup.



Supportive, seam-free, and perfectly encapsulating, it’s no wonder the Moving Comfort Luna was named one of the Best Bras by Prevention Magazine!



These larger sizes are the ones that ladies tend to have trouble with. It can be hard to find a bra that provides substantial support without creating the “uni-boob” shape. The Moving Comfort Luna is an excellent choice for this cup size and was named the “Best Bra for Medium to High Impact for C-D cups” by Prevention Magazine. It has wide straps and and underwire support system to get you through your workout.


There can be an overwhelming number of sports bras to choose from. Just live by these guidelines:

  • Opt for a bra that will fit your exact cup size.
  • Ultimately you want a sports bra that reduces movement. Try one on and move around a bit to get a feel for its shape and support.
  • Have a bra fitting every 6-12 months. If you are working hard at the gym, you may experience a change in bra size.
  • Take care of your body. Proper support is so important during a workout.

Don’t be afraid OR ashamed. Love your body and take care of it. With the right sports bra you can be on your way to getting that beach body in no time! Find all your workout needs right here at

Travels with KEEN

Taking in the view of Rio at the top of Sugarloaf Mountainwith my handy Keen Montclair Mini Bag. No, that wasn’t our helicopter…they were probably filming an episode of “The Bachelor.”

I was recently fortunate enough to spend a week exploring Brazil, and I believe I’ve found the perfect travel buddy. Sure, my boyfriend was a nice companion, but it was KEEN that really helped me out. I tried to pack light, but two things on my must-have list were my Keen Montclair Mini Bag and my Keen Venice H2 sandals. From every airport to walking along Copacabana Beach, my mini bag was draped across my shoulder. In the airport, I loved the secure zippered pocket underneath the hook-and-loop flap where I could be sure my passport and multiple plane tickets were safe and secure.  I didn’t bring my phone along on the trip, but the phone pocket in the back was perfect for chapstick and mini sunscreen on-the-go. It was just the right size for my camera and even a small water bottle, and I could wear it as a crossbody bag for more security—many other tourists told us about getting pickpocketed or having their purses snatched on the streets of Rio, and that was one problem I never had the entire time!

After spending time in Rio, we jetted to the border of Brazil and Argentina to the breathtaking beauty of Iguazu Falls, one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Here, my Keen Venice sandals were a must-have. The falls sprawl over one and a half miles, crossing the borders of both countries. We explored the falls on the Argentina side first, walking about

My Keen sandals chillin’ at the base of Iguazu Falls in Brazil.

half a mile on the a metal walkway to the Devil’s Throat, an up close and personal top view of the highest and deepest of the falls. Needless to say, with the water spray things could get pretty wet and slick, so I was very glad to have my Keens with the razor siping outsole to reduce the risk of falling over the side! It was a loooong way down. The razor siping and security of the sandals came in handy once again on the Brazilian side of the falls, where we hiked down a canyon to a walkway at the base of the falls. It was here where the COMPLETE soaking began.

Getting a little soaked at the base of Iguazu Falls in Brazil. So refreshing!

We were staying inside the park, so were able to hike down when the park was closed to outside tourists. Being at the base of the massive falls and feeling the spray shooting at me from seemingly every direction is a humbling experience, making me feel insignificant and strangely powerful at the same time.

I would recommend adding both Rio and Iguazu Falls to your travel bucket list, and would DEFINITELY recommend bringing a little KEEN along with you. You can find a huge selection of travel ready shoes and accessories at our website,

Another amazing view of Rio, with a faint view of the “Cristo Redenor” in the background…and of course, including my must-have carry all, the Keen Montclair mini bag.

Beginner Running Tips

Running is not only a great way to stay in shape, it can really benefit your overall health, both physical and mental. From raising levels of good cholesterol and increasing lung function, to boosting your immune system and preventing disease, to relieving stress and eliminating depression, the benefits of running seem endless. The hardest part about running is getting the motivation to just get out and do it, so here are a few running tips for beginners to make it just a little bit easier to take advantage of this awesome exercise.

Asics Kayano 18: the latest version of the legendary running shoe.

First things first: When you begin running, you need to get a really good pair of running shoes.  Without having good support and cushion, injuries such as shin splints, bad knees, or weak ankles can occur.  When I started running, I had really bad pain in my shins and it took me a couple of weeks to finally figure out that it was my shoes. I switched to Asics Kayano 18, and my shins thanked me immediately. The Kayano is gradually becoming a “legendary” shoe in the running community, and the 18th edition  lives up to its reputation with all around support and just that little bit of extra cushion for comfort.  These shoes are great for any terrain, including the road, trail, or track.

Another great running shoe is the lightweight and breathable  Brooks PureFlow.  The PureFlow is made to be more street specific, and comes in a variety of awesome colors for men, women, and kids. Just think; your whole family running around the neighborhood in a rainbow of different PureFlow shoes. Your neighbors will be saying “What a stylish and healthy family!” In hot weather, this shoe would be a great pick for its breathability and almost minimalist feel.

Brooks PureFlow Collection for men, women, and kids.

When you’ve found your perfect shoe and decide to start running, start slowly.  Don’t push yourself into running five miles the first day. Start out with about a mile and if that feels like a breeze, go up in distance the next time or switch to a faster pace.  If you want to

Nathan Hydration Products make sure your water levels are just right while on the go.

run longer distances, be sure to stay hydrated!  Take a Nathan water bottle holster to strap on while you are on your run. This way you won’t have to stop to take a water break, and you’ll have a place for essentials like your phone and keys.

One thing you need to do before and after you start your run is to stretch!  Loosen those hamstrings and calves with the Trigger Point Therapy Performance Kit and the Trigger Point revolutionary foam roller.  There have been a few days when I go out for a run and think I’ll be fine without stretching, and I ALWAYS regret it. Trust me, you will feel it in the morning! The performance kit comes with DVDs and lots of instructions to properly roll out your specific muscles.  You will be feeling much happier if you stretch before and after running. With these tips, you’ll soon be on your way to getting all the amazing benefits of running. Get the shoes, stretching advice, and athletic apparel you need to get started right here at

Brand Spotlight: Dansko


The Dansko style has evolved from the classic Professional clog to a long line of styles including sneakers, high heels, sandals, men’s and even kid’s styles. However, no matter what style you choose from Dansko, you can be sure it is made of the finest materials and will take comfort to the max!

The Limited Edition Dansko Professional Arabesque has all the comfort and quality features known in the Professional, in a beautiful new patterned patent leather.

Stapled Clog: The Stapled Clog collection from Dansko is what made the brand take off. Living up to the name of Dansko, or “Danish Shoe,” the owners of the company were on a trip to Denmark to buy horses, and happened to try on a traditional Danish barn shoe. It was the most comfortable and supportive thing that had ever been on their feet. They brought the shoes home, and after some tweaking of style and materials, the Dansko Professional was born. Over the years, the colors and patterns and leathers have become more and more beautiful and creative, but the unbeatable comfort features stay the same.

  1. Upper – Made of highest quality leathers; designs follow the natural contours of the foot; instep collar is generously padded; upper designs accommodate most foot types.
  2. Toe Box – Thermoplastic;
    Sturdy reinforcement adds durability and toe protection; Allows toes to move comfortably.
  3. Heel Counter – TPU (Thermoplastic urethane);
    Acts as a natural shoehorn. Allows heel to move up and down when walking.
  4. Heel Cup
    The drop-in cavity cradles your heel and prevents it from sliding sideways in the shoe.
  5. Socklining – Leather Socklining; Anti-microbial;
  6. Footbed – Breathable open-cell PU foam;
    Absorbs and evaporates perspiration.
  7. Inner Frame – Polypropylene; Provides stability, reduces torque and provides lateral stability.
  8. Outsole – Polyurethane; Rocker-bottom sole propels foot forward when walking; Wider heel for greater stability; Improved compound for shock absorption equal to athletic shoes.

Fit Tip: When it comes to fit, Danskos have their own feel. For the Stapled Clog collection, your heel should move up and down freely but you should be able to shake your foot and the shoe should not come off. Your toes should be able to wiggle anyway they choose because the Professional fits across your instep, giving the rest of your foot room to breathe, avoiding problems like bunions and hammer toe. It may take a little time to adjust to the fit for people trying these for the first time.

Dansko Pro XP: lighter than the Professional, with a memory foam footbed and slip resistant outsole.

XP Collection: One of the latest additions to the Dansko family is the XP Collection. Not that the Stapled Clog Collection needed improving, but everyone’s tastes are a little bit different. For the XP Collection, Dansko added a certified slip-resistant outsole (which meets the highest standards of slip resistance) and a memory foam enhanced removable footbed. Also, for those who thought the Professional was just a little bit too heavy, the XP’s are built using a new, lightweight construction by using coring holes in the midsole.



  1. Roomy design.
    Allows toes to move comfortably.
  2. Removable footbed.
    Triple density molded footbed is reinforced with memory foam for a softer feel.
  3. Lateral stability.
    Metal shank in the midsole provides stability and reinforced construction for longer wear.
  4. Lightweight construction.
    Coring holes at the midsole reduce weight for a lighter feel.
  5. Slip resistant. Nitrile rubber outsole meets the highest standards of slip resistance.

The Dansko Harlow mary-jane features beautiful details, and is crafted from the finest leathers.

Geneva Collection:

Looking for a slightly more dressy style? Try something from the new Geneva Collection. Luxurious, handcrafted details combine with a supportive, contoured, memory-foam enhanced footbed to define this collection of shoes. With a lightweight heel that is just over 2″, and a shank made of co-molded metals, you will get a little boost in height without any unsteadiness.




  1. Hand-crafted detail
    Texture rich design suits a range of looks from work to play.
  2. Memory foam footbed
    Luxurious memory foam contoured for all-day support.
  3. Reinforced construction
    Co-molded metal shank provides additional strength and support.
  4. Lightweight lift
    2 ¼ heel for just the right amount of height.


The selection and variety of Dansko shoes seems to be endless, so we know it will be hard to pick a favorite! However, we are confident that once you try on a pair of these Danish-inspired shoes, you will join the millions of nurses, waitresses, and people all over the world who are part of the Dansko family! Find one now at

The Perfect Shoe for “I Do”

A few years ago, I attended the outdoor wedding of one of my best friends. Summer dresses were required and I took plenty of time deciding on just the right one. What I didn’t  put enough consideration into was my shoe choice–mind you, this was before I started working for a shoe company.  As I stepped onto the damp lawn where the wedding took place, I knew my skinny heels were going to cause me problems. I was carful during the ceremony and made it through with out the predicted trouble. This good fortune, however, didn’t last through the reception. As I prepared myself for a night of dancing and dining around the reception area, my heel got stuck in a patch of mud and I lost my balance. Luckily the attention at the time was on the bride and groom so my mishap went largely unnoticed, but it has made me double and triple think my shoe choice for every wedding after that.  Whether it’s outdoor, indoor, formal or casual there’s a perfect shoe for them all.


Sofft Bijou Wedge

Steve Madden Tampaa

If it’s an outdoor wedding you’re attending, wedges or chunky heels are the way to go. They look classy and cute but you’re still able to walk around on the outdoor terrain without sinking into it. It can be hard to walk, let alone dance, in gravel and grass with a skinny heel. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t like to sit out any sort of dancing.  The Bijou by Sofft gives you the comfort of knowing you won’t get stuck in the soft soil, along with the comfort and style you need to look great on the dance floor all night long. The soft metallic upper and espadrille wedge give a perfect warm-weather dress look. Another great option would be the Steve Madden Tampaa Wedge. The strappy metallic upper gives a dressy style, and the wood-like wedge is nice and light, but thick enough to keep you sturdy.


Sofft Broadway Leopard

If it’s a more formal event, a comfortable pump will be in your best interest. A shoe like the Sofft Broadway will allow you to fit right in at the ceremony and feel comfortable dancing at the reception. It is also versaitle enough to wear to the office or out at night, so this definitely wouldn’t be a one-time-wear type of shoe. If you’re wearing a simple dress, a more noticeable shoe is can give a pop of style to your outfit. Try the Broadway in Leopard! Animal prints are still a big trend, so making a statement with your shoes is a great way to try out animal prints without going overboard. However, If you’re wearing an eye catching dress, go with a classic and simple shoe, like the Sofft Ramona or Ramona II. This way you’ll look great while keeping the attention on the lady in white.

Sofft Ramona II Black Patent

 High Heel Fit Tip: The last thing you want at the end of the night is to have to hold your shoes in your hand and stumble around barefoot on the dance floor because your feet hurt. By choosing a brand like Sofft, known for style AND comfort, you’ll be getting the famous comfortably padded Sofft footbed, and a shoe that looks as good as it feels. To find the proper heel height for you, we recommend standing on your tippy toes with the shoes in question on; if you can comfortably lift 1 inch off the ground, you’re good to go! If you can’t lift an inch off the ground, your feet will likely be tired and calves will be sore after a little bit of wear.

Not your average flip-flop
Spotlight: OluKai


Halle Berry rocks a movie premiere in laid back style in a maxi dress and a pair of flip flops.

It’s summer and you know what that means! That’s right, it’s the time of the year to show off your flip-flops. These days, flip-flops are all over the place. People wear them with everything from shorts, to swimsuits, to summer dresses, even to the red carpet. Even though some of us may not like to admit it, we all have those cheap flip flops that you can get for a couple dollars that fall apart after wearing them for two weeks. While those sandals are easy to wear, they typically won’t give us the support we need for healthy feet. And you have to replace them every single summer, if not multiple times a summer! Some companies have changed that by providing flip-flops that are not only easy to wear and stylish, but they also provide comfort and support. One of our favorite high quality flip flop brands is OluKai.


The guy who started OluKai (Hawaiian for “comfortable ocean”) used to work for a running company. After moving to a more tropical locale, he saw that people didn’t wear tennis shoes in everyday life; they wore flip flops! Knowing the benefits of the support given by running shoes, he wanted to build a flip flop that provided that same support.

The OluKai footbed is unlike other flip-flip footbeds, because of anatomical arch, toe, and heel support.

OluKai sandals are built like more traditional shoes with an insole for cushion, midsole for support and shock absorption, and outsole for traction and durability. Also, the toe post is connected throughout the whole shoe, so you won’t have the problem of a broken toe post with a pair of OluKais. From the custom-made lasts and anatomical footbeds, to the premium materials and attention to detail, OluKai sandals are undeniably more than your average flip flop. The company even collaborated with the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association to engineer a flip flop and a shoe to meet the lifeguards’ fitness training and daily demands. The result is the Kia’i sandal—all 450+ guards wear the Kia’i sandal as part of their uniform.


The OluKai Kia’i sandal is the official sandal of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association. Quick drying, water-resistant, and with stitching showing the Hawaiian islands, the Kia’i embodies Polynesian culture.

From genuine leather sandals and shoes to waterproof flip flops, OluKai has something to match any life style. The Makai Collection, meaning “toward the ocean,” includes amphibious footwear. Made with the very best in water and sand resistant materials, sandals like the ‘Ohana and the ‘Amo are perfect for romping around in the ocean (or lake, or river, or pool–depending on what body of water you spend your time in!). Featuring water-resistant synthetic straps and quick-drying jersey knit lining, the Makai Collection sandals will easily serve your summer water needs.

The OluKai Makai Collection features sandals and shoes made specifically for wet activities. The ‘Ohana (left) and feminine ‘Amo are two key styles in this collection.

The Mauka Collection, meaning “toward the land,” combines native art with premium handcrafted leathers and materials for sandals that exude quality and Polynesian style.

OluKai Haiku ‘Elua: Polynesian Moko tattoo work is laser etched into the footbed of these sandals.

The women’s Haiku Elua sandals are anything but average. Pigskin lining will feel so soft against your skin, while laser etched Polynesian Moko tattoo artwork adorns the footbed for a look that is unmatched. The streamlined silhouette will keep you feeling feminine and pretty, while the anatomical footbed will keep you comfortable all day.


For men, the Kukui sandal is infused with rich island style. Full grain leather in inlaid with suede to make up the upper, with pigskin lining for softness against your feet. Again, the anatomical footbed and soft nylon toe post will ensure long lasting comfort.


This Hawaiian brand is all about making shoes that are functional for your outdoor lifestyle while preserving the Polynesian culture that serves as inspiration. A portion of proceeds from the Kia’i go to the HLA Junior Guard Program, while a portion of sales from the water resistant Ohana sandal goes towards the company’s ‘Ohana Giveback Program, preserving the cultural resources of the islands.

If you’re used to wearing flimsy flip flops and sandals with no support, once you slip into a pair of OluKai sandals you will feel an immediate difference. Find the perfect pair for you at

Fun in the Sun (and Water!)

What is the easiest way to cool off on a hot summer day? Play in the water! From running through the sprinklers at your local park, to sailing the seven seas, to whitewater rafting, summer water sports offer an excellent way to cool down on record-setting high temperature days. While enjoying the water, make sure you have an appropriate shoe to stay secure on your foot and provide the protection you need.

For those of us that don’t get TOO adventurous on our days at the water, a quick water shoe, boat shoe, or sandal may be just right.

Water Shoes

With drain-like holes and wet surface gripping siping on the sole, the Columbia Drainmaker is a great water shoe. Did we mention the quick drying mesh uppers?

Columbia has come out with some wonderful water shoes that give you the look of a sneaker. For men, we carry a couple color schemes in the Powerdrain and for women, we carry Powerdrain, in addition to the  Drainmaker and the Drainsock–which offers a slip-on style with no laces. Each of these shoes provides incredible breathability with a mesh upper; add in the drain-like holes and siping on the bottom and your shoes will not only dry in no time but also maintain great traction on wet surfaces!


Find out more about the Columbia Drainmaker collection:

Sperry Top Sider boat shoes are an undisputed American summer staple.

Boat Shoes
If sailing the seven seas (or even just the lake closest to your house) is something that you had in mind for your summer days, Sperry Top-Sider is the brand to look to for a shoe that is not only extremely stylish, but also quite functional. If you’ve been reading our blog posts up to this point, you may remember a few of these styles featured back in March with a fashion watch on classic nautical styles coming back in vogue, and not just for sailors! These shoes are available for both men and women and offer “wave-siping” on the sole, (to help to release water with every step), water-resistant leather uppers, and 360-degree boat lacing systems for a secure fit. These classic boat shoes have been around for decades (with a few modern updates), so you can be sure that with a pair of Sperry Top-Siders in your wardrobe, you’ll never have to worry about your shoes becoming out-dated.

Water-Ready Sandals
Although summer may seem like the perfect opportunity to pull out your many pairs of basic flip-flops, if you’re going to be spending any time in water, you may want to consider something with a heel strap to keep your shoes on your feet. The last thing you want to see floating off into the ocean sunset is your favorite pair of flip-flops!


Chaco is a brand with several styles of sandals that will stay on your feet even in the strongest of currents. Men, women, and children can rely on these sandals with a secure and customizable fit with the adjustable strap and traction on even wet surfaces with both the Chaco Vibram Yampa and Unaweep outsoles. The Z/1 sandal offers Chaco’s standard criss-cross fit with wide straps while the Z/2 sandal offers the same wide straps with an additional piece to hold onto your big toe! The ZX/1 and ZX/2 sandals offer the same criss-cross patterns, but with two thinner straps along the length of the shoe instead of one thick strap. Any of these Chaco styles will let you feel well prepared when playing in the water, and they will also all get you closer to the undeniable summer staple, the “Chaco Tan Line!”

There is no mistaking the summer classic Chaco Tan Lines!

More Than Your Ordinary Sandal
When you start to get a little more serious with your water activities, like whitewater rafting, you may want a little more protection for your toes than a typical sandal can offer. If this sounds like you, consider the Keen Newport. Again, these shoes are available for men, women and children, but in addition to a strap across the heel, they provide you with Keen.Protect–Keen’s patented rubber toe guard, protecting you from any unseen threats for potentially stubbed toes! Another great thing about the Newport is the elastic cord lacing system which is not only quick and easy, but also guarantees a secure fit. Each version of this shoe provides you with either a waterproof nylon or leather upper giving you a very quick-drying sandal.

If you’re looking for something a little less claustrophobic for your feet, you may want to consider the Keen Venice (available for both men and women) which provides all the same technology with fewer straps.

No matter what your summer water activity, you definitely want to be sure that you are not going to lose your footing–or your shoe! You can find the shoe that suits your summer cool-off needs right here at Dodds Shoe Co.