Brand Spotlight: Dansko


The Dansko style has evolved from the classic Professional clog to a long line of styles including sneakers, high heels, sandals, men’s and even kid’s styles. However, no matter what style you choose from Dansko, you can be sure it is made of the finest materials and will take comfort to the max!

The Limited Edition Dansko Professional Arabesque has all the comfort and quality features known in the Professional, in a beautiful new patterned patent leather.

Stapled Clog: The Stapled Clog collection from Dansko is what made the brand take off. Living up to the name of Dansko, or “Danish Shoe,” the owners of the company were on a trip to Denmark to buy horses, and happened to try on a traditional Danish barn shoe. It was the most comfortable and supportive thing that had ever been on their feet. They brought the shoes home, and after some tweaking of style and materials, the Dansko Professional was born. Over the years, the colors and patterns and leathers have become more and more beautiful and creative, but the unbeatable comfort features stay the same.

  1. Upper – Made of highest quality leathers; designs follow the natural contours of the foot; instep collar is generously padded; upper designs accommodate most foot types.
  2. Toe Box – Thermoplastic;
    Sturdy reinforcement adds durability and toe protection; Allows toes to move comfortably.
  3. Heel Counter – TPU (Thermoplastic urethane);
    Acts as a natural shoehorn. Allows heel to move up and down when walking.
  4. Heel Cup
    The drop-in cavity cradles your heel and prevents it from sliding sideways in the shoe.
  5. Socklining – Leather Socklining; Anti-microbial;
  6. Footbed – Breathable open-cell PU foam;
    Absorbs and evaporates perspiration.
  7. Inner Frame – Polypropylene; Provides stability, reduces torque and provides lateral stability.
  8. Outsole – Polyurethane; Rocker-bottom sole propels foot forward when walking; Wider heel for greater stability; Improved compound for shock absorption equal to athletic shoes.

Fit Tip: When it comes to fit, Danskos have their own feel. For the Stapled Clog collection, your heel should move up and down freely but you should be able to shake your foot and the shoe should not come off. Your toes should be able to wiggle anyway they choose because the Professional fits across your instep, giving the rest of your foot room to breathe, avoiding problems like bunions and hammer toe. It may take a little time to adjust to the fit for people trying these for the first time.

Dansko Pro XP: lighter than the Professional, with a memory foam footbed and slip resistant outsole.

XP Collection: One of the latest additions to the Dansko family is the XP Collection. Not that the Stapled Clog Collection needed improving, but everyone’s tastes are a little bit different. For the XP Collection, Dansko added a certified slip-resistant outsole (which meets the highest standards of slip resistance) and a memory foam enhanced removable footbed. Also, for those who thought the Professional was just a little bit too heavy, the XP’s are built using a new, lightweight construction by using coring holes in the midsole.



  1. Roomy design.
    Allows toes to move comfortably.
  2. Removable footbed.
    Triple density molded footbed is reinforced with memory foam for a softer feel.
  3. Lateral stability.
    Metal shank in the midsole provides stability and reinforced construction for longer wear.
  4. Lightweight construction.
    Coring holes at the midsole reduce weight for a lighter feel.
  5. Slip resistant. Nitrile rubber outsole meets the highest standards of slip resistance.

The Dansko Harlow mary-jane features beautiful details, and is crafted from the finest leathers.

Geneva Collection:

Looking for a slightly more dressy style? Try something from the new Geneva Collection. Luxurious, handcrafted details combine with a supportive, contoured, memory-foam enhanced footbed to define this collection of shoes. With a lightweight heel that is just over 2″, and a shank made of co-molded metals, you will get a little boost in height without any unsteadiness.




  1. Hand-crafted detail
    Texture rich design suits a range of looks from work to play.
  2. Memory foam footbed
    Luxurious memory foam contoured for all-day support.
  3. Reinforced construction
    Co-molded metal shank provides additional strength and support.
  4. Lightweight lift
    2 ¼ heel for just the right amount of height.


The selection and variety of Dansko shoes seems to be endless, so we know it will be hard to pick a favorite! However, we are confident that once you try on a pair of these Danish-inspired shoes, you will join the millions of nurses, waitresses, and people all over the world who are part of the Dansko family! Find one now at

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