Rafter's thirty year history in the better-grade footwear business provides the foundation from which Rafters Footwear is built. The product is the most important part of shoe company, which is why their approach to building footwear concentrates on high quality, comfortable fit and unique design. Rafters has built their reputation by making products and customers their first concern.

Featured Styles
61579-p1.jpg Rafters Antigua Ring Dark Turquoise 70223R-442 (Women's)
SKU: 61579
Price: $22.95
Thicker heel provides additional height ...
61580-p1.jpg Rafters Antigua Slide Black 70225R-001 (Women's)
SKU: 61580
Price: $22.95
Thicker heel provides additional height ...
61584-p1.jpg Rafters Breeze Plum Multi Stripe 70241R-545 (Youth)
SKU: 61584
Price: $20.95
Lightest version of the Breeze to date. ...
51160.jpg Rafters Circle Thong Khaki Hib 18486 (Women's)
SKU: 51160
Was: $21.99 Now: $15.00
What goes around, comes around; enjoy th...
61581-p1.jpg Rafters Gust Chocolate Multi 70247R-2074 (Men's)
SKU: 61581
Price: $24.95
Lightest version of the Gust to date. Co...
61583-p1.jpg Rafters Gust Chocolate Multi 70255R-2074 (Youth)
SKU: 61583
Price: $20.95
Lightest version of the Gust to date. Co...
51151.jpg Rafters Lynx Chocolate 18434 (Women's)
SKU: 51151
Was: $45.99 Now: $25.00
Rafters Lynx Chocolate 18434 (Women's)
Average rating:
Rafter Lynx Thong will take you from the...
61602-p1.jpg Rafters San Pancho Thong Saddle Brown 70221R-907 (Women's)
SKU: 61602
Price: $36.95
Upper and foot bed is crafted from soft ...
61578-p1.jpg Rafters Stillwater Coral Multi 702018R-843 (Women's)
SKU: 61578
Price: $41.95
Light and contoured non-slip rubber outs...
50125.jpg Rafters Waikiki White 18040 (Women's)
SKU: 50125
Price: $6.99