THE WAY IT IS. DC “THE HISTORY OF DC SHOES IS, ESSENTIALLY, THE HISTORY OF THE MODERN SKATEBOARD SHOE.” While DC was still in the conceptual stage back in 1993, a mission was agreed upon: to make a significant change in the skateboarding style and to elevate skateboard performance to the highest level. DC continues to stay true to its original mission-pushing style and performance to a level one step ahead of the competition, from the drawing board, to the computer, to the factory, to the concrete and masonite of skateboarding’s proving grounds.

Featured Styles
57037-p1.jpg DC Shoes Alias Lite White / Black 303207-WBT (Men's)
SKU: 57037
Was: $74.95 Now: $56.00
Rob Dyrdek's old alias was Dob Ryrdek, b...
60187-p1.jpg DC Shoes Alumni Mid Battleship / Ocean 320406-TLO (Men's)
SKU: 60187
Price: $74.95
Alumni MID shoes inspired by team rider,...
57040-p1.jpg DC Shoes Boost Purple Wine 303325-PUW (Women's)
SKU: 57040
Was: $74.59 Now: $56.00
The DC Boost shoes are a hybrid running ...
61221-p1.jpg DC Shoes Bridge TX Black/White/Columbia 320098-LWC (Men's)
SKU: 61221
Price: $54.95
The Bridge TX boasts an upper built usin...
61225-p1.jpg DC Shoes Bristol Canvas Purple 303324A/B-PUR (Youth)
SKU: 61225
Price: $39.95
The Bristol is built using a suede and c...
61224-p1.jpg DC Shoes Bristol Cobalt ADJS300022-CO2 (Women's)
SKU: 61224
Price: $54.95
With a paneled mix of suede and canvas, ...
57785-p1.jpg DC Shoes Chelsea Charm TX Black / Wh / Turquoise 303082A/B-BWQ (Youth)
SKU: 57785
Was: $44.95 Now: $33.00
DC Shoes Chelsea Charm TX Kids Skate Sho...
59325-p1.jpg DC Shoes Chelsea Charm TX White / Pink 303082A/B-TPP (Youth)
SKU: 59325
Price: $44.95
The Chelsea Charm TX features a glitter ...
59324-p1.jpg DC Shoes Chelsea White / Pink 303242-TPP (Infant)
SKU: 59324
Price: $35.95
DC's renowned Chelsea model has been spr...
59322-p1.jpg DC Shoes Cole Pro Black / Grey 303323A/B-BDW (Youth)
SKU: 59322
Price: $49.95
He will look confident and cool in the C...
59323-p1.jpg DC Shoes Cole Pro Black / Grey 320038-BDW (Infant)
SKU: 59323
Was: $35.95 Now: $25.00
Skate team member Chris Cole worked clos...
57783-p1.jpg DC Shoes Cole Pro Black / Gum 303323A/B-BGM (Youth)
SKU: 57783
Was: $44.95 Now: $33.00
You might not be one yet, but that doesn...
59320-p1.jpg DC Shoes Court Graffik SE White / Black / Green 300927-WBN (Men's)
SKU: 59320
Was: $64.95 Now: $48.00
Product Information: DC's venerable clas...
61222-p1.jpg DC Shoes Crisis Grey/Black ADYS100029-GYB (Men's)
SKU: 61222
Price: $59.95
A new take on a classic silhouette, the ...
60189-p1.jpg DC Shoes Factory Lite Dove / Orange 320408-WVO (Men's)
SKU: 60189
Was: $74.95 Now: $55.00
Journey inward and find your inner skate...
53339-p1.jpg DC Shoes Fiona White / Crazy Pink 302837A/B-WCZ (Youth)
SKU: 53339
Was: $39.99 Now: $29.00
The Fiona is perfect for the tough girl ...
55292-p1.jpg DC Shoes Flawless Dk Shadow / Soft Lime 302836A/B (Youth)
SKU: 55292
Price: $44.95
Your tricks and turns will be flawless w...
59321-p1.jpg DC Shoes Pixie Dizzy Script White / Pink 320294-WT2 (Women's)
SKU: 59321
Price: $64.95
The Pixie Dizzy Script shoe is just that...
60193-p1.jpg DC Shoes Pixie Starburst Black / Fluorescent ADJS100005-BFL (Women's)
SKU: 60193
Price: $64.95
Add a dash of magic to your footwear wit...
61223-p1.jpg DC Shoes Pure Grey/Mantis 300660-GGM (Men's)
SKU: 61223
Price: $59.95
Raw and uncut, the Pure has an upper bui...
51943.jpg DC Shoes Pure True Red / Print 301069-TRR (Youth)
SKU: 51943
Was: $44.99 Now: $33.00
Eradicate the ugliness from your wardrob...
57781-p1.jpg DC Shoes Raif Black / Pink 320080-BBP (Women's)
SKU: 57781
Was: $64.95 Now: $45.00
The Raif stands out from the crowd with ...
57780-p1.jpg DC Shoes Raif White / Black 320035-WBK (Men's)
SKU: 57780
Was: $64.95 Now: $48.00
Take a comfy skate kick and add a leathe...
60195-p1.jpg DC Shoes Rebound Battleship / Citron 302676A/B-TPC (Youth)
SKU: 60195
Price: $49.95
When you take a fall, it's best to Rebou...
60194-p1.jpg DC Shoes Rebound HI LE Black / Pink 303400-KFP (Women's)
SKU: 60194
Price: $79.95
With the sweet style of the DC Rebound H...
60197-p1.jpg DC Shoes Rebound SE Black / Ring 303310A/B-BRI (Youth)
SKU: 60197
Price: $54.95
Add a little pop of color to the kiddo's...
61226-p1.jpg DC Shoes Rebound SE Black/Lime 303310A/B-BKI (Youth)
SKU: 61226
Price: $59.95
Using fresh, bright colors and patterns ...
61227-p1.jpg DC Shoes Rebound SE Black/Orange ADTS700021-B01 (Infant)
SKU: 61227
Price: $39.95
Made for the active little one, the DC R...
60196-p1.jpg DC Shoes Rebound SE UL Black / Grey ADTS700021-BGY (Infant)
SKU: 60196
Price: $39.95
Catch the rebound off the competition wi...
60198-p1.jpg DC Shoes Rebound SE UL Pink / Black ADTS700021-CPB (Infant)
SKU: 60198
Price: $39.95
Catch the rebound off the competition wi...
60192-p1.jpg DC Shoes Spartan HI WC Black / Gold 302523-BGO (Men's)
SKU: 60192
Price: $79.95
You may be outnumbered and overwhelmed, ...
60188-p1.jpg DC Shoes Stag White / Black 320188-WBI (Men's)
SKU: 60188
Price: $69.95
Don't settle for anything less than the ...